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    Anhui Agrichange Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hefei City,Anhui Province, and its factory is located in Jinshan Industrial Zone, Yuexi County, Anhui Province. It is a business enterprise attracting investment from Yuexi County People's government. The company mainly produces high-tech greenhouse, such as single span and multi-span greenhouse, film greenhouse and glass greenhouse, and provides a complete set of solutions for intelligent temperature control system, water and fertilizer integration system and Agricultural Internet of things system. It is an overall solution provider for modern facility agriculture in China, and a member of Anhui Greenhouse Association.

Our products have been applied in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui province, and have been exported to France, Hungary, New Zealand, Philippines, Nepal and many countries in Africa. The company has set up an office in Uzbekistan and signed a strategic cooperation relationship with Greentech solution Company. It plans to jointly open the largest greenhouse factory in Tashkent, and plans to set up sales branches in five Central Asian countries.
    The company has always been adhering to the spirit of "To Be Agri-changer", continuously research and produce high-quality irrigation equipment and greenhouse automation equipment, to make a contribution to the development of agriculture through science and technology.

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